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Yellow Frenzy Vase Arrangement  in North Little Rock, AR | HODGE PODGE ETC FLOWERS & GIFT BASKETS
Yellow Frenzy
Vase Arrangement
This dazzling arrangement is sure to excite! With gorgeous yellow snapdragons, sunny yellow daisy poms, charming yellow lilies, and superb solidago, Yellow Frenzy is a bright and cheerful bouquet popping with color. This happy-go-lucky floral design is just the thing to brighten their day!
Shown at $65.00
Shown at $65.00
Beautiful Spring Florals Designer's Choice in North Little Rock, AR | HODGE PODGE ETC FLOWERS & GIFT BASKETS
Beautiful Spring Florals
Designer's Choice
It’s the blooming season of spring and the perfect time to celebrate with flowers! Send a beautiful arrangement designed by our professional florists or treat yourself to some spring decor! These flowers will have everyone feeling bright. Order our Designer’s Choice Spring bouquet today!
Shown at $70.00
Shown at $70.00

Custom Flower Design
Custom Flower Design
Let us create a custom flower arrangement for you.
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Hodge Podge thrives on being a customer centric, locally owned flower shop that creates custom arrangements and gift baskets to celebrate and honor all of life's sentiments. We have a wide array of gifts, flowers, gift baskets and plants  that allow each special delivery to speak for you. Our design team has an indepth unerstanding of modern design techniques, carries an acute attention to detail and years of special event planning for private and corporate events. We thrive on personalization and strive to earn your business and loyalty. 

When ordering, please feel free to include any special details and requests so we can personalize each detail of your order, gift or event.

One of the most frequent compliments we receive is how long our flowers last. Here are a few tips from the professionals to extend the life of your flowers: 

  Your flowers have been treated with flower food in the water they arrive in. Additives are unnecessary, even if you change the water. 

 It is also good to use a spray botle to spray the blooms with water. If your bouquet includes hydrangeas, spray the blooms often. Hydrangea love showers! 
 Always remember that flowers are there to enjoy and memorialize a moment. Let them do their thing!
 Change the water when it becomes cloudy. Remember, if you wouldn’t drink it - your flower probably doesn’t want to either.
 It isn’t a good idea to have the leaves of the stems immersed in the water. The leaves decompose and form algae, shortening the life of the flowers.
 If you’re comfortable with the temperature in the room, so are the flowers! Don’t put them near heaters, open windows in the wintertime, or in direct burning sunlight. 
 Make sure there is enough water in the vase for stems to be fully immersed. It’s good to top off your vase once a day with more water.
 If you remove the flowers from the vase, use a pair of scissors or clippers to give the flowers a fresh cut.
 We try to avoid designing in floral foam. There are a designs however that require it’s use. If the arrangement you selected does, you should add water daily to make sure the foam is fully soaked at all times. Floral Foamed designs do dry out faster than traditional vased designs.